Prenatal Frequently Asked Questions!

Question Number 1 - What weight is safe to lift when I'm pregnant?

Answer: You don't lift any weights— All the strength work is from the water's bouncy and resistance.

Question Number 2 - What exercises should I avoid when pregnant?

Answer: Get the green light from your doctor before working out. During these workouts, we avoid twisting and maintain a heart rate below 120-130.

Question Number 3 - How do I know the exercise that I'm doing is too intense?

Answer: Listen to your body if the workout is too intense it's time to take a break

Question Number 4 - What are some exercises that I can do to alleviate back pain?

Answer: Prenatal targeted area exercise to help with back pain

  1. Core strengthening 
  2. Hamstring strengthening 
  3. Stretching

Question Number 5 - What exercises should I be during my pregnancy? 

Answer: Do whatever feels good for you! Our prenatal program is structured around the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. 

Question Number 6 - How do I get back into a routine post pregnancy? 

Answer: Get clearance from your doctor to work out -If you have a swim spa in your backyard try committing to working out three times a week.

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