Clearwater Pools and Spas

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570 E Hundred Rd

Chester, Virginia, 23836

Clearwater Pools and Spas

804 749 7676 (phone)

804-530-2500 (fax)

Our promise to all of our valued customers is to offer high-quality, efficient and reliable products so that you can enjoy your backyard oasis. With over 20 years of experience in the pool supply business, you can count on us to be reliable and knowledgeable about all of our products. Please come in and visit our stores to experience the personal service and friendly atmosphere that Clearwater Pools & Spas has to offer, in addition to a great selection of the finest pool and spa products.

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About Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc. originated in 1970 as a commercial swimming pool company and in 1978 became one of the first hot tub retailers in North America. Our products are now sold through a 250+ retailer network in over 40 countries.

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