How to Exercise in the Pool Without Swimming

How to Exercise in the Pool Without Swimming

Many people love to workout in a pool but not necessarily by swimming laps. Aquacise or aqua fitness is a growing trend and for good reason. It offers an exceptional workout that is low impact and easy on joints. While many people just simply do not have the space to install an inground swimming pool in their backyard, a swim spa is an alternative that can work in even the smallest of spaces. Equipped with a water current that allows users to swim in place without having to constantly turn around and do laps. Swim spas also are the perfect spot to perform aquatic fitness as the water depth is ideal for standing and there are a number of accessories available to diversify your workout routine. Here are some of the ways to exercise in the pool without swimming.
Posted 2/21/2020
Can You Swim Laps in a 30 Foot Pool?

Can You Swim Laps in a 30 Foot Pool?

If you are looking to get a great workout and swim laps in your very own backyard pool, you’ll probably start thinking about what size pool you need. For swimming laps, ideally, you would want a length of 60-75 feet with a width of about 6 feet. If your outdoor space is small, you may be wondering if you can swim laps in a 30-foot pool. While it is possible to accommodate exercising with this size, it can be less desirable from the constant turning around when swimming laps.
Posted 2/18/2020
What Size Pool for a Family of 4

What Size Pool for a Family of 4?

Swim spas have become a popular alternative to full-sized swimming pools due to their economy of size, diversity in function and their lower price point. Once you’ve decided that a swim spa is the best alternative for your family you’ll need to figure out an appropriate size. What size pool for a family of 4 will depend on the space you have, how you plan on using it as well as your body type. In this article, we’ll go through these considerations to help you make the right decision for your family.
Posted 2/11/2020
What Size Should a Backyard Pool Be

What Size Should a Backyard Pool Be?

Once you’ve decided that you want to install a backyard pool you’ll be faced with a lot of questions. What size should a backyard pool be? Would you be better served by an above ground pool or a swim spa? What needs to be done to prepare the area for installation? To help you answer these questions we’ve come up with an article that will allow you to think through your decision-making process and ensure you end up with the pool that’s ideal for you.
Posted 2/6/2020
Is a Small Pool Easier to Maintain

Is a Small Pool Easier to Maintain?

Owning your own swimming pool is amazing. You can swim whenever you want without the need for traveling, paying admission or dealing with crowds of people. But if you ask swimming pool owners about any disadvantages of owning a swimming pool, you’ll often hear that cleaning and water maintenance are the most disliked jobs. Is there any possibility of getting around the work associated with keeping a full-sized pool clean? Is a small pool easier to maintain? If you talk to swim spa owners, you’ll find that the smaller body of water requires much less work. In this article we’ll show how maintaining a swim spa is less hassle than keeping a full-sized swimming pool running.
Posted 2/4/2020
Why Close a Pool in Winter

Why Close a Pool in Winter?

Many people who live in areas with cold winters believe that a swimming pool might not be worth the investment. If you can only use the pool for a few months out of the year, then how is it worth it? But why close a pool in winter? Why not use it year-round? The fact is that full-sized swimming pools have too much water to keep properly heated to prevent freezing when the temperatures drop. But there is an answer for those with colder climates who want to swim all year round. That answer is a swim spa.
Posted 1/30/2020
Can You Leave Swim Spa Uncovered in Winter

Can You Leave Swim Spa Uncovered in Winter?

Swim spas are highly versatile units that allow their users to swim as if they’re in a full-sized swimming pool and soak like they’re in a relaxing hot tub. Compared with a full-sized swimming pool, the compact size and the smaller volume of water in a swim spa allows them to be kept warm enough to use all year round. However, if you plan on using your swim spa in the winter there are some precautions you’ll need to take. We’re often asked questions such as, “Can you leave swim spa uncovered winter?” “What should I do to prepare my swim spa for winter? or “What temperature should I keep my water at in the winter?” In this article, we’ll answer all those questions and more.
Posted 12/30/2019
What is Considered a Small Pool Size

What is Considered a Small Pool Size?

Almost anyone who loves swimming has at some point fantasized about having a swimming pool installed in their own backyard. But in this day and age of urban density and a soaring cost of living, things like space and finances may be so limited that the backyard swimming pool dream seems unattainable. But if you looked into smaller pools you might learn that there’s an option that can fit both your backyard and your budget. We hear you asking, “what is considered a small pool size?” so we’ve come up with an article that offers you some options.
Posted 12/23/2019
How to Use a Swim Spa Year Round

How to Use a Swim Spa Year Round

Do you love the idea of swimming in your backyard? But are you bummed out that you live in an area that experiences more winter than it does summer? There is a solution for swimmers who would love the ability to swim in their backyard but suffer from long, harsh winters. Want to learn how to use a pool year-round? Maybe it’s time to see what swim spas have to offer.
Posted 12/17/2019
How Exercise Pools Work

How Exercise Pools Work?

Most enthusiastic swimmers have dreamt of owning their own pool at some point in their life. What could be better than stepping out into your backyard and hopping straight into your own swimming pool? No need to drive to the local recreation centre or worry about coordinating the entire family’s schedule. But maybe your finances aren’t quite able to match the cost of a full-sized swimming pool. Or maybe there’s not enough room to install one in your house or backyard. This is where an exercise pool can make a great alternative. Cheaper and smaller than a full-sized or lap pool but still able to provide you with exercise and relaxation, an exercise pool could make a great addition to your family. Wondering how exercise pools work? Read more to find out.

Posted 12/11/2019



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