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What are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions

What are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions

Posted 6/15/2020

For those planning on installing an indoor hot tub, you’ll very likely start off with many more questions than answers. Deciding on a make and model that works ideally for your situation are important initial considerations but getting into the specifics with care and attention is the way that you’ll avoid problems and disappointment. Speak with your dealer and get some advice as they will likely have experienced problematic situations that are easy to avoid with some careful planning and foresight. They’ll probably be asking you what sized hot tub you’re hoping to install which will likely have you asking, “What are indoor hot tub dimensions that are available?” This kind of cooperative examination and negotiation will help ensure you get what you want as smoothly and simply as possible.

What Size of Hot Tub Is Best?

Ensuring you can get your hot tub into your house is probably the most important initial consideration. You don’t want the delivery to show up only to find out that it’s going to have to sit on your front yard until you figure out a way to get it through the door. Another factor that will shape your decision is the size of your budget. Although it’s very likely you get a large hot tub on a small budget, you might be missing out on some important extras and accessories. Getting the proper balance may mean getting a smaller hot tub but having a better experience overall. You’ll also want to ask yourself how many people will be routinely using the hot tub. Of course, you’ll probably want to throw a massive hot tub party at some point, but there’s no sense in getting the most massive tub on the market if that type of party only happens once. It’s been found that people often overestimate the number of people that will regularly use the hot tub. If you pare back your number to your close family and friends, you might be able to get a much fancier hot tub and still save yourself a significant amount of money. Again, consult with your dealer to compare and contrast the various options that are available to you.

What Are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions?

The actual dimensions of an indoor hot tub will obviously depend on the make, model and manufacturer you choose. If you’re going for a customized version, you can make it any size that you see fit. But if you’re choosing from a prefabricated line, there are some general guidelines when it comes to their dimensions. Of course, the specific measurements will depend on the exact model you’re looking at, but these numbers can give you a basic idea of what you might be looking at. For the smaller end of the scale with two to four-person hot tubs, you’ll likely be looking at a tub that ranges from five to seven feet in length and width. As for height, these smaller tubs are typically between two and a half to three feet high. For the mid-sized, five to six person tubs, account for six to eight feet in length and width and about three to three and a half feet high. For the larger seven plus person tubs you can expect seven to nine feet across and over three feet in height. Again, these are just general guidelines and once you actually start narrowing down your choices, you’ll want to look at each individual tub’s specifications for the exact measurements.

Final Considerations

Although the actual purchase of your hot tub will be very exciting, ensuring that you can get it into your house is obviously very important. Speak to your dealer about the delivery and installation process and see what kind of advice they have for negotiating tight spaces and getting the hot tub to its final location. Measure judiciously and prepare in advance for a hassle-free and smooth installation.

To learn more about finding the best hot tub model for your home, download our hot tub buyer’s guide.

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