Hydrotherapy Massage

You may be wondering what kind of a hydrotherapy experience you should expect if you buy a Hydropool swim spa. From a hydrotherapy perspective, a swim spa is capable of offering a variety of different massages. Many people believe swim spas are designed only for exercise, and don’t give a great massage. However, with Hydropool you’ll find that, yes, it absolutely 100% gives a great massage.


We design our swim spas based on four main principles that are all based on zone therapy. Zone therapy all starts with the seat. The seat has to be super comfortable and ergonomically designed. The jets have to be recessed. We make sure that every one of our swim spas has incredible ergonomic and comfortable seating.


The second aspect of a massage is the type of jet that goes into the seat. We make sure that the type of jet helps to alleviate any of the aches and pains that you may have, so if you want a direct massage, we have jets that can do that. If you want foot jets, we have jets that can do that. We also have calf jets and plenty of other options for every portion of your back, arms, and legs.

While the type of jet matters, placement is also crucial. Instead of putting hundreds of jets inside of a seat, which results in less pressure, what we do is we believe in high-flow low-pressure. That means we're placing the jets specifically in areas to help achieve your massage goals without overloading on unnecessary jets.

Athletic Therapist Approved

Finally, we've consulted with physiotherapists and athletic therapists from around the world on how much time you should be sitting in each seat to achieve that massage. We share this information with you so you can get the best massage experience possible.


Temperature is a major factor in relaxing sore muscles and getting a great massage experience. How quickly can you change the temperature from a normal swimming temperature of 85 degrees to the average hot tub temperature of 100 degrees? Hydropool spas heat at approximately three degrees per hour. That results in about 5 hours to go from 85 degrees to 100 degrees. Does it change rapidly? Not necessarily, but our motors are designed for longevity and efficiency, so it’s worth the wait.

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