How to Choose the Right Collections and Series When Shopping for Your Hot Tub

When you’re shopping for the perfect hot tub at Hydropool Hottubs, you may be wondering what the difference is between collections and series. Shopping for a hot tub can be difficult if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. Choosing the right collection and series is important when you’re picking out the perfect hot tub for you. Hydropool offers three different collections for hot tubs: classic, serenity, and signature self-clean. This article will go over the different types of collections for your hot tub to help you ensure that you are finding the right fit for you. 

The Classic Collection

The Classic collection contains simple, timeless designs that are 110 volt or 220 volt convertible, which allows you to simply plug in a regular outlet without any need for an electrician. The classic collection is the ideal fit for smaller spaces, first-time buyers, or smaller budgets. With special tools for a 110/220 convertible, you can convert your swim spa to accept 220 volts by calling an electrician and having them connect the spa to the main panel. 

Are 110 Volt Hot Tubs More Expensive to Run Than a 220 Volt Spa?

This depends on your climate. A 100 volt outlet is limited to only 15A, meaning that in a 110 volt spa, you would not be able to run the jet pump at a high speed and the heater at the same time. If you’re in a colder area, this could cause issues for you when you are using your swim spa during the wintertime. The tub will have difficulty maintaining its temperature for extended periods of use. However, if you live in a warmer climate, 110 volt hot tubs may not present such an issue. In colder climates, you should hardwire your spa so that you can enjoy hot water regardless of how the weather is outside. 

The Serenity Collection

The Serenity collection is a favorite amongst customers. The Serenity collection offers sleep lines and stunning cabinets and high flow filtration, making it a great spa for anyone. All Serenity models come in one easy to understand configuration with limited options and upgrades, so it will be easy for you to enjoy its simplicity. This collection comes in three different sizes:  

One rectangle and two square models accommodating 2-4 people in the 4300 with lounge

3-4 people in the 4500 with lounge

5-6 people in the 6600 open seater model

 The Serenity collection also offers sizes for 4-5 people with lounge in their 5900, and 4-6 people in the spacious 6800 open seater. This collection features premium lighting and exterior moonlights, two  aqua blade waterfalls, premium design maintenance-free cabinetry, and a weather seal insulation system. All of the models features non-slip padding throughout the spa, which allows for a safe east entry and exit. 

Signature Self-Clean Collection With Patented Self-Clean Technology

This collection offers a wide variety of options and packages so that you can build the hot tub of your dreams! The Signature Self-Clean collection comes with a patented self-clean technology which filters 100 percent of the water in only 15 minutes, making it the world’s easiest to maintain hot tub. This collection comes standard with LED lights, Everlast maintenance free cabinetry, and our thermal shield installation system for superior energy efficiency. This model also offers our Purewater system, which treats 99.9 percent of waterborne pathogens and reduces chemical dependency by more than 50 percent, ensuring that your water is clean, safe, and treated every time you use your hot tub. 

Gold, platinum, and titanium options are available in the Signature Self-Clean collection. Each model comes with energy-efficient self-clean circulation pumps, plus one jet pump in the gold models, two jet pumps in the platinum models, and three jet pumps in the titanium models. This collection comes with a complete wellness guide, and the platinum and titanium models include a hydrother control, which offers the world’s only pre-programmed massage therapy. This massage therapy features eight hydrotherapy programs such as leg pain, back pain, sports recovery, headache, and insomnia treatments to provide the ultimate stress relief. 

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